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Posted on January 30, 2011


© Lan Hungh

© Lan Hungh

After graduated from Taiwan University of Arts, he went to Conservatory of region in Rueil-Malmaison to study theatrical music and contemporary music in the year 2001, and stay in Paris for four years. In the year 2005, he decided give up his profession in music and came to Berlin to work constantly in art. In the year 2009-2010 he worked in one Berliner Gallery as curator.

Now he works as a freelance artist. His practice consists of performance, music, installations, videos, sculptures and curatorial projects, explores the concept of the everyday and life’s intimacies.

With a mixture of culture his art functions as a diary and incorporates other medias from personal experience. His works have reached in Taiwan, New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Nice, Cologne, Paris, Qatar, Martinique, Switzerland and Italy. Festivals such as Atomino Festival in Crimmitschau, GrenzArt festival in Kirschau, Detournement of Venice Biennale, and Art is Action in Madrid.

Selected shows from 2010:

Nov. 11th, performance collaboration with Ying-Mei Duan, Grimmuseum, Berlin

Nov. 5th “Touch Me vol. II- LAN Hungh” solo show at Aquabit Art, Berlin

Oct. 25-31 “Sorry I’m Late” presented at Festival “Art is action/action is production” Madrid

Aug. 27th~29th “Atomino Art Festival”, Textilmuseum Crimmitschau, Germany

August 13. RPLCMNT with Darri Laurenzen, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

July 9th festival “Home Sweet Home”, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

June 26th “LIKE” of “48-Stunden-Neukölln”, Schillerpalais, Berlin

June 4th, “Step toward Home”, EAST/WEST Project, DAM STUHLTRAGER Gallery, Berlin

May 22nd~24th grenzART 1, Performance Art Festival”, Kirschau, Germany

May 3rd, Diverse Universe International Performance Art

April 12th, “Enter your name, rpg” presenter at Flutgraben, Performer Stammtisch, Berlin

Mar 18th, “PLOT IN SITU” Festival of Live Art, ACUD theater, Berlin


2010 July “SCHNELL & SCHMUTZIG” The old Market Hall IX, Berlin

2010 11th May “schweifen und bleiben” video screening, aquabitart galerie, Berlin

2009 July “SIGNALS_THROUGH_THE_FLAMES”, Phb Art Space, Berlin

2009 Mar. “Interzone” group show, Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool, UK


2009 „Was gibt dir Halt in dieser schnellen Welt?“ Vereinbarung über eine Videoproduktion im

Rahmen der Schmiede Hallein 09


2010 “Home Sweet Home” performance and Video festival

2010 “RPLCMNT” published by Savvy Contemporary

2009 “der Greif Schmiede Spezial”

2009 “Schmetterlinge auf der Windschutzscheibe”, Music composing for Contemporary Chinese

Poetry Audio book, Fly East Records

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