PE R F O R M A N C E   P R O G R A M

M i c h a e l Z h e n g

L i v e p e r f o r m a n c e  f o r  a n  u n d e t e r m i n e d l e n g t h  o f  t i m e  d u r i n g  t h e  o p e n i n g  o n  0 1 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 1

M á r c i o C a r v a l h o

O n N o m a d i c , I s s u e 2 : H e r e A f t e r T h e r e , d u r i n g t h e o p e n i n g 0 1 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 1  a n d c l o s i n g 2 8 . 0 8 . 2 0 1 1

This performance is the second part of On Nomadic, a larger project that crosses performance art and ethnology (especially field work practice). The second presentation, Here After There, will bring a collection of living experiences and visual reports about the journey between Senegal, Belgium and Indonesia. Religion will be the main subject in the process of relating experiences from different places. On Nomadic is an individual interpretation of space.

Christina Kyriazidi

N o m a d S , 0 1 . 0 7 – 0 8 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 1

d a i l y  a t  18 h

No mad S is a physical performance that turns around a longing: the longing to travel, to change, to settle in a new land. The ar tist uses the language of poetry in order to bring to light a nomadic dream. A poetry that lacks words, but places actions, sounds, fragmented songs and physical images within a claustrophobic space that evokes the unfulfilled longing of the open sea.

Leena Kela

D e p a r t u r e

S a t u r d a y 0 9 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 1 , 2 0 h

Departure is a new performance in Leena Kela’s performance series Airplane!, telling stories of flights full of turbulence. Departure examines the nomadic identity of an air hostess and the problems of localization from the perspective of constant flying. The comical catastrophes in the performance are based on the classic 80’s comedy Airplane!, although they don’t deny the reality of air traveling. How to protect oneself when the cabin fills up with smoke? How to act in the situation of an emergency landing? Where are the exits?

Duan Yingmei

B o d y D i a l o g u e W i t h F a i r y Ta l e s

1 2 . 0 8 – 1 9 . 0 8 . 2 0 1 1 , a l l d a y

Body Dialogue With Fairy Tales is based on Duan Yingmei’s research of fairy tales from a variety of cultures. Through live art performance she develops new contemporary art fairy tales. The artist will inhabit the exhibition space from the fifth of August onwards as preparation for the actual performance.

Wo r k s h o p : F o r C h i l d r e n ,

1 7 . 0 8 . 2 0 1 1 , 1 4 – 1 8 h

The workshop is based around the same fairy tales Yingmei uses in her performance Body Dialogue With Fairy Tales and functions as a tour through the exhibition for children ages six to twelve.

Essi Kausalainen

M i g r a t i o n s ( B e i n g s o n t h e M o v e )

1 3 . 0 8 . 2 0 1 1 , 2 0 h

Migrations (Beings on the Move) is a solo performance on the movement of all living beings: migrations, travelling, and constant change in the state of being. The performance is about a lady traveling with pink shoes, a seed falling through the air, a bird flying flying flying all the way there and back (so happy to see you all again!). A performance on distance and closeness and remote relations. On arriving and departing and making nests in between.

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Finissage 28.08.2011

Lan Hungh

I ’ m H e r e t o H e a r ; I ’ m T h e r e t o D a r e ,

D u r a t i o n a l  p e r f o r m a n c e  d u r i n g t h e c l o s i n g , 2 8 . 0 8 . 2 0 1 1

The memories of adventure from the homeland to a foreign country. Different judgements to the same action or same judgements to different actions? Is it the destiny of the artist not to be in his own country or is this just a self-made illusion to run away from everything?


Márcio Carvalho

O n N o m a d i c , I s s u e 3 : The corner

d u r i n g  t h e  c l o s i n g  2 8 . 0 8 . 2 0 1 1

The corner is a durational performative work by Márcio Carvalho,  that reflects about conditions of mobility and art making.

Carvalho uses the symbol of a boxing frame to deal with the question where should I go in order to come back safely?

Carvalho plans to deal with mobility as a recent term in arts and a concept created by a capitalistic economic system by associating it to a boxing combat in which two persons are subject of a legal fist fight for monetary and power purposes.

The artist plans to work around the corner space of a boxing ring, a strategic point for the practice of this sport. It is the place where the players can rest, after the confrontation with their opponent, the place where they can be assisted when injured and the corner is responsible for stopping the fight if the fighter is in serious danger of permanent injury.

This is the last project in the trilogy of works named “On Nomadic“ where the artist started to work from outside its culture to enter deeply in his environment and  in its daily life conditions.

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